Reasons to choose for United Amigos?

It is not easy to choose a reliable and professional travel organizer in the maze of all the offers you get. Just be aware that not every provider will suit your needs! There are plenty providers offering cheap tours to Chichen Itza and Tulum but do you really want to miss an amazing experience just to safe some dollars, pounds or euros?

We, of United Amigos, will make sure you will have a fantastic and amazing experience thanks to our knowledge guides! Yes, we do not have the cheapest tours of the Riviera Maya but we can guarantee you that you will have a fantastic experience thanks to our very knowledgeable tours with of course, also a lot of fun.

a) Friendly approach thanks to our unity between two cultures.
Beside this we want to give another approach to our ‘amigos’ as we do not consider our travellers as costumers but as friends who you can ask information before, during and after your trip with us . Thanks to these two ingredients you will feel a very unique mix with us.


B) Very well connected with the local communities
The majority of our partners, drivers and guides is Mexican. This makes it possible to get very clear and in depth travels.


C) Contributing to our foundation and support of the local economy and wildlife
For us it is very important to support local economy. That is why we are always giving priority to local hotels & small independent partners.
Beside our preference “going local”, you will even help a local Mayan school in Tinum when choosing a trip with us. It is our goal to help as much as children in their development so they will have a better future.


D) Wide range of possibilities between Mexico City and the Riviera Maya with many tours off track
We can pretty much offer you everything in the states we are operating:

Do you want a special balloon experience in the region of San Miguel de Allende? Are you looking for a guide with a extremely good historical background in the state of Oaxaca or do you want a workship for painters in Mexico?  Do you want to know a mystical place in the state of Chiapas where you will feel in another country or a tour, specialized in spotting local wildlife or just enjoy some of the still virgin beaches in Mexico? Ask our specialists whatever you want and we are quite sure that we can help with 99% of the demands.


E) Professional tours in your language

We are a multilingual team. Our tours are so far possible in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish of course. Do you need a guide in Russian, Portuguese, Italian or another language? Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are well connected.

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