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Welcome to United Amigos!

Beautiful, exotic, sometimes wild, always fun and relaxing... enjoy the Yucatan Peninsula in a friendly way!

United Amigos is your friendly tour operator!

United Amigos is a Latin American-European travel agency with in depth knowledge of Mexico. We offer tours in Español, English, Nederlands and Français. Ask us about our tailor made tours according to your hobbies or special interests like snorkeling, nature walks, maritime promenades, archeological/cultural/spiritual tours and everything else you could imagine!
Thanks to his 5 years of work experience in tourism as a travel agent with Thomas Cook Belgium (European market operator), Voyageurs du Monde (luxury holidays in French-speaking countries, in charge of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ) and MSC Cruises (booking agent and customer service), he knows very well what customers are looking for in an unforgettable vacation!
Living now in Latin America, he fulfilled a long-cherished dream. In his spare time, he likes to discover new places, learn more about local cultures and of course, he still loves to travel!
A constant traveler, who speaks 5 languages and loves to learn more, Lalo, a broad connoisseur of Latin America and Europe, has decided, after working for more than 3 decades in illustration and design, to dedicate himself to what he loves: meeting people, places and introducing persons from all parts of the world to the wonders of Mexico and the Americas.


Pieter and Lalo